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No. 1, March 1989

  • American Cousins Visit our Ancestral Home by Signe Midelfart Ortiz and Florence Netland
  • The Rambling of a Cousin in the Far East by Kåre Hellum
  • Our Most Distant Cousins: The Knud K. Hande family
  • Hande Hus: Oregon Tradition

No. 2, October 1989

  • Nils Halvorson Hande, Civil War Veteran by Donald A. Quickstad
  • Rosemåling in Illinois by Beverly Larson

No. 3, March 1990

  • Rev. Halvard H. Hande, Pioneer Pastor and Editor
  • The Giant's Goblet by Halvard H. Hande
  • Handy Farms Restaurants: Where good taste is homemade
  • With the Ketterlings in Madagascar

No. 4, October 1990

  • Fifth Hande Reunion: A roaring success!
  • Episodes from Hande Family History by Hildegarde Quamme

No. 5, March 1991

  • Clinton Ellingboe: Courage and determination
  • Little Girl Memories of My Hande Uncles and Aunts by Hildegarde Quamme

No. 6, October 1991

  • Peter and Isabella Anderson: Hande family intrigue in Arizona by D’Arcy Hande
  • Florence Netland, Queen of Kransekake by Gaelyn Beal
  • Two Handes at the Ninth International Gymnastrada: Stephanie and Zara Hande
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Kenneth and Mary Hande
    • Richard and Sara Knutson
    • D'Arcy and Bonnie Hande

No. 7, March 1992

  • Handes and Ellingboes: The Canadian Connection
  • Short Term Volunteers in Missions: The Ketterlings in Alaska
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Helen and Paul Geer
    • James and Dorothy Hande
    • Ruth Sorensen Knutson

No. 8, October 1992

  • Guest Editorial:  Trees, Trees, Trees! by Hildegarde Quamme
  • Two Handy Pioneers in Polk County, Minnesota by Robert W. Handy
  • Rekindling Memories of England and France by Mae Ione Hande
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • The Ellingboe Family
    • Dirk and Cheryl Hande

No. 9, March 1993

  • Return to Valdres by Mary Hande Carey
  • Netlands Attend Sons of Norway Convention in Lillehammer
  • Ketterlings Short-Term Missionaries in Nigeria
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Hildegarde Quamme
    • John C. "Jack" Hande

No. 10, October 1993

  • The Sixth Hande Reunion
  • Christmas in Eau Claire as told by Helen Midelfart Charles
  • Wedding on the Run:  Richard and Sara Knutson by Sylvia Devey
  • Kåre Hellum Shares the Beauty of a Tropical Rain Forest
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Bernice H. Larsen
    • Edwin and Evelyn Hande
    • Elaine G. Anderson

No. 11, March 1994

  • Remembering the Hande Homestead, New London, Minn., Part I
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Lilly Hande Edwards
    • Barrie Lynne Hande

No. 12, October 1994

  • D-Day Veteran an Inspiration to his son by Kenneth Hande as told to Jennifer E. Goode
  • Remembering the Hande Homestead, New London, Minn., Part II
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Mary Hande Carey
    • Kathy and Dan Rosendahl

No. 13, March 1995

  • World War II Family Honor Roll
  • When I was a Child in Norway under the German Occupation by A.K. Hellum
  • Ragnhild Hande Johnsrud: "Women's Lib" immigrant by Mildred Johnsrud Steinhaus

No. 14, October 1995

  • Pamela Hayes: A kinswoman captures Hawaii's heritage by Diane Mehlinger Haynes
  • The Unusual Disappearance of Jul Torsteinson Hjelle: A Hande family mystery
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Signe Midelfart Ortiz
    • Boyd Gregory Hande

No. 15, March 1996

  • My Valdres Travel Journal, 1995 by Mary Hande Carey
  • A Moral with a Story by Jack Hande
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Russell G. Hande
    • Florence Korsmo Swenson

No. 16, October 1996

  • The Hande/Handy Reunion, 1996
  • My Dakota Christmases by Mildred Johnsrud Steinhaus
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Harold and Dorothy Hande
    • Joyce Olson Vesledahl
    • Lynn Geer Pryor

No. 17, March 1997

  • Janell Ketterling Swanson's Choir Sings in Belarus
  • Memories of Home and Family: Toughing it out in North Dakota by Sherman T. Christensen
  • Clarence Johnsrud, Our Family's Very Own Fossil Hunter
  • Grandma’s Vote y Rev. Paul F. Bosch
  • Julie Skalbeck Kent, Water Ski Show Champion
  • Cary and Margie Hande Earn Environmental Stewardship Award

No. 18, October 1997

  • Broken Dikes . . . Shattered Hopes by Jon G. Handy
  • Memories of Home and Family: The young widow makes good by Sherman T. Christensen
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Marion Handy
    • Victor, Rowena and Christian F. Ortiz
    • Esther Hande Van Erkel

No. 19, March 1998

  • I Give Thanks for My Ancestors by William Cleary
  • The Remarkable Handes of Southern Minnesota
  • Into the Woods: A sermon by Reverend Kay Lindahl, 6th February 1994

No. 20, October 1998

  • Ode to My Family by Dirk L. Hande
  • Remembering the Farm: North Dakota days by Mary Hande Carey
  • Cindy Netland's New Career: Teaching English in Arabia
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Carol and Len Lanzerotti
    • Nancy and Kimber Prehn
    • Karen and Ronald Yakel

No. 21, March 1999

  • A Family Is by Manny Feldman
  • Frank T. and Julia Handy: Entrepreneurial spirit in the pioneer west by Karen Yakel
  • Horses Pull Principal (Norman) Hande into Students' Hearts by Catherine Potts

No. 22, October 1999

  • Eighth Hande Reunion: Another big success
  • 150 Years Since the Arrival of First Hande Kinsman in America, Johannes K. Berge by Irma Johnson
  • Our Valdres Adventure, 1999 by Carol Dahl Pederson
  • A Trip to Visit my Washington Relatives, 1953 by Agate Hande Santek
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Corinne and Gaylan Eisert and Family
    • Mae Ione Hande
    • Roger Skaalerud Family

No. 23, March 2000

  • Ranching Relations in Montana: Edgar and Verda (Handy) Kiehl by Karen Yakel
  • Executive Focus: Hildegarde Quamme, shaping future leaders by Lee Egerstrom
  • Hjemkomst for a Couple of Handys by Scott Handy
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Carolyn Hande
    • Alice Knutson Zillmer
    • Irma Olson Ketterling

No. 24, October 2000

  • Our Viking Ancestry by D’Arcy Hande
  • Helga Swenson Lindahl, Heritage Restorer and Curio Buff by Judy Peters
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Norma Hande Henjum
    • Marie Crawford Clinton
    • Joe and Jennifer Hande

No. 25, March 2001

  • Holly Skogen Park by Arne Pederson
  • The Swensons, a Slice of Rural Minnesota by Richard Lindahl and D’Arcy Hande
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Lu Ann Korsmo Knott
    • Lynda Handy Turenne

No. 26, November 2001

  • The Hollen-Hande connection by Lorna Hollen Nelson and D’Arcy Hande
  • Melissa Hande: Flair and panache on stage
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Scott Handy
    • Richard W. Lindahl

No. 27, March 2002

  • Solsteins and Thorsons, Distant Cousins in Iowa by Johanna and Tom Sorkness
  • The Return of Raymond Lake: A Hande kinsman (Don Knott) plays a big role in restoring wetland by Tom Cherveny
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Sandra Berge Pierce
    • Allan Hande
    • Ronald Swenson

No. 28, October 2002

  • Hot Times at the Family Reunion in Canada
  • Reveling in Our Valdres Roots by D'Arcy Hande
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Alice Skaalrud Akenson
    • Kathryn Olson Smithson

No. 29, March 2003

  • Grandma's Knitting Needles by Melissa Hande
  • Letters Home to Norway, Part I
  • Hande Cowboys and Cowgirls in the Dakotas by Mae Ione Hande
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Ione Christensen Wirth
    • Marj Ellingboe Wedrick

No. 30, October 2003

  • And a Little Child Shall Lead Them by Juline C. Hande
  • Letters Home to Norway, Part II
  • Hildegarde Quamme's Childhood Christmas Story
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Ruth Hande Bongers
    • Walter Skaalerud

No. 31, March 2004

  • Letters Home to Norway, Part III
  • Margit Bratvold Comments on Youth in Norway Then and Now
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Ovedia Legried Elvestrom
    • Andreas Kåre Hellum
    • Phyllis Hande Ransom

No. 32, October 2004

  • Signe Midelfart Ortiz: Creativity, passion and commitment by Victor R. Ortiz
  • All Torø's Family: The Knutson branch of the Hande clan by D’Arcy Hande
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Stephanie Hande Casar
    • Helen Alvig Onnen
    • Carol Dahl Aos Pederson

No. 33, March 2005

  • The Ole and Ingri (Hande) Skaalrud Family by Ida Christine Skaalrud Olson
  • Surviving the Tsunami by Joel T. Pierce
  • Capturing their "Essence and Disposition": Family and Art (Jessica Eisert) by B. Kamran Swanson

No. 34, October 2005

  • Room at the Inn: A special gift from God by Juline Hande
  • Similengjar: Saga of farm and family by Olav Semeleng
  • Ancestral Theory vs Fact by Herbert A. Paul
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Beverly Sorensen Larson
    • Marit Løvås

No. 35, March 2006

  • A Well-Performed "Change of Heart" by Eirik Høyme Rogn, Valdres-avisa
    (Rev. Hallvard Hande's 1872 play performed in Norway)
  • A True Masterpiece: Laurel Jensen Paul's paintings receive national acclaim by Tom Batters
  • Caught in the Crossfire (experiences in the 1971 Pakistani Civil War) by Juline C. Hande

Number 36, October 2006

  • Family Heirlooms on Display (Mae Ione Hande’s wedding dress)
  • The Rolandson Family: Another Hande Family Connection Restored by Ann Todd Wetsel and D'Arcy Hande
  • Busy, Busy Hands, a poem by Ann Todd Wetsel
  • The 2006 Hande/Handy Reunion
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Carol Hande Petersen
    • Harold Bud) Sorensen
    • Yvonne Raymer Stove
  • My Dad's Last Christmas by Lyn Handy Turenne
  • Cary and Margie Hande: North Dakota Ranchers of the Year

Number 37, March 2007

  • Family Heirlooms on Display (Corinne Eisert’s krumkake iron)
  • Doctor Midelfart and His Medical Legacy by Jane Hieb and D'Arcy Hande
  • My Daughter, the Accidental Daredevil by Yvonne Raymer Stove
  • "Getting to Know You":
    • Dorothy Peterson Hare
    • Evelyn Skaalerud Sigler

Number 38, October 2007

  • Hande Family Reunion 2008
  • A Whirlwind of Making Connections in Valdres by Sandra Berge Pierce and D'Arcy Hande
  • Some Thoughts about Roots by Ragna Hande Lome
  • A Brief Overview of the Hande Farms in Norway
  • Arnie Lillo: The Tinkerer's Toys by Roger Matz

Number 39, March 2008

  • Family Heirlooms on Display (Ann Todd Magee Wetsel’s christening gown)
  • How about a Family Reunion in Norway, 2010 or 2011?!
  • Inga Johnsrud Løvås: Our family’s very own “come-back kid”
    by D’Arcy Hande, Marit Løvås and Arne Løvås
  • An Adventure Story by Richard Lindahl

Number 40, October 2008

  • Growing up through the “Hard Times” in Norway by Knut Løvås
  • “Getting to Know You”:         
    • Nathan Hande
    • Lorna Hollen Nelson
  • Happy Fish are Tasty Fish:  Twenty years experience with rakfisk production by Jan Erik Kjær
  • The Jolly 19 Club, or Grandpa and Grandma: The Bootleggers by Steven Walhood
  • The 2008 Hande Reunion:  A Tribute to Hildegarde Quamme © 2006 - 2019