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Links to other Popp family history resources

Here are links to a few more web sites that contain further historical information on the history of the Handes and related families.

» Erich Slawski’s Genealogical Data with Support of Frank Weiss and Christel Friedrich (2011)

The late Erich Slawski (1941-2015) of Cologne/Köln, Germany, did a tremendous amount of research into his forebears in Galicia and Bukovina, including 67 Popps and other related individuals. Fortunately, his data remains online for others to view.

» Galizien German Descendants (2016)

There are a number of family history resources available on this website, but most valuable for genealogists is the database of information taken from German descendants in Galicia as they were being evacuated back to Poland and Germany in World War II. Over 70 Popps are mentioned in this database, and of course countless other families related through marriage.

» Herb and Janet Barge's Genealogy and Family Web Site (2016)

Although there are relatively few Popps mentioned in Herb and Janet’s web site, there are numerous other Galician German names which have intermarried with the Popp family. So it is worth checking out the data that they have posted.

» WikiTree Family Tree & Genealogy Tools for Adrian Dressler (2014)

Adrian has Popp ancestry and he has posted a considerable amount of information about his grandmother, Katharina Elisabeth Popp’s Manweiler descendants. I encourage you to check out his genealogical web pages.

» My Popp & Wagner Quest in Europe 2016 (2017)

In March-April 2016, D’Arcy Hande, his daughter and her friend toured south-west Germany and western Ukraine to search out the places where his Popp and Wagner ancestors had once lived.  This blog follows them as they prepared and executed their family history quest.


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