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D'Arcy Hande



D’Arcy Hande began researching his family history as a Canadian Centennial project in 1967. With the help of many others in the family and other genealogists he has met over the years, he has amassed a database with over 16,000 individuals, over 6,000 family units, and nearly 4,000 surnames. His ancestry goes back several generations back in Canada, the United States, Norway, Germany, the old Austrian Empire (the part now in Ukraine), and Scotland.

D’Arcy’s primary research interest has focused on the following surnames and locales:

  • Bennet, Bennett, Bennoch originating in south-west Scotland
  • Hande originating in central Norway
  • Middleton originating in south-west Scotland
  • Popp originating in Germany and Austrian Galicia and Bukovina
  • Trotter originating in south-west Scotland
  • Wagner originating in Austrian Bukovina

D’Arcy welcomes collaboration and correspondence with anyone researching these surnames. © 2006 - 2018