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D'Arcy Hande

D'Arcy Hande



D’Arcy Hande began researching his family history as a Canadian Centennial project in 1967. With the help of many others in the family and other genealogists he has met over the years, he has amassed a database with over 16,000 individuals, over 6,000 family units, and nearly 4,000 surnames.

D’Arcy’s primary research interest has focused on the following surnames and locales:

  • Bennet, Bennett, Bennoch originating in south-west Scotland
  • Hande originating in central Norway
  • Middleton originating in south-west Scotland
  • Popp originating in Germany and Austrian Galicia and Bukovina
  • Trotter originating in south-west Scotland
  • Wagner originating in Austrian Bukovina

D’Arcy welcomes collaboration and correspondence with anyone researching these surnames. © 2006 - 2023